National Summit on HCV Prevention and Cure - Presentations

Community Engagement and Mobilization 
Michael Ninburg 
Policy Options for Expanding Access to HCV Testing and Treatment 
Jeff Levi 
Costs and Benefits of HCV Testing and Treatment in Perspective 
David Rein 
IDSA/AASLD Guidance for HCV Testing, Care, and Treatment 
Gary Davis 
Implementing Policies for HCV Testing 
Dan O’Connell
Implementing HCV Testing in the Kaiser Permanente Health System  
Michael Horberg
New York State – Implementing HCV Testing Guidelines 
Colleen Flanigan
Medicaid Programs and Hepatitis C: Cost of Testing and Treatment 
Matt Salo
Hepatitis C Management: From Testing to Treatment in a Community Health Center Setting 
Gebeyehu Teferi
Improving the Continuum of HCV Care and Treatment 
Kiren Mitruka
Education – National Efforts to Educate Baby Boomers and Encourage Testing 
Cynthia Jorgensen
Hepatitis C Measures of Performance 
John Wong
Integrating Clinical Decision Support Tools and Electronic Medical Records 
Bret Shillingstad
Camilla Graham
Washington State – A Business Development Model: Increasing Reach and Value through Health Delivery Systems 
Anne Brenner
Hepatitis C: Reducing Incidence 
Brian Edlin
Prescription Opioid Misuse, Heroin Initiation and HCV Incidence among Young Injectors: How Does Public Health Respond? 
Jon Zibbell
Treatment as Prevention Strategies: Lessons Learned from HIV 
Julio Montaner
Monitoring Implementation and Impact of HCV Testing and Treatment 
Scott Holmberg
Using Surveillance and HIV Program Platforms to Reach Marginalized Populations 
Dan Church
Integrating Clinical Data with Public Health Surveillance 
Michael Klompas